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WEEKLY REVIEW 07.19.2010


SOG X-Ray Vision Mini



In our Police Knives category is the company SOG which makes the X-Ray Vision Mini.  Any law enforcement official will emphasize the importance of training and muscle memory when using weapons.  We have been testing the SOG X-Ray Vision Mini and found it to be one of the easiest weapons to get acclimated to using.

We specifically selected this knife for testing for an all around use.  We wanted a knife that was legal to carry off-duty, and capable of handling the rigors while working a patrol shift. 

Every state law will vary but in some of the most conservative states we found they prohibit civilians from carrying a blade over four inches, and auto opening blades may also be considered illegal if not in the performance of a law enforcement duty. 

This is good to know if you always carry a pocket knife because if you are planning a trip across state lines you want to avoid a sticky situation. 

We encourage readers to check your own state laws before carrying any weapon, but found the X-Ray Vision Mini to be a great fit for everyday carry.

The X-Ray Vision Mini is great to clip onto a cargo pocket while patrolling and equally as easy to carry when wearing a suit.  The knife is very light weighing in at 3 oz., and the blade is made of V-10 steel.  The knife is ambidextrous to open, and the lock on the handle is also accessible from both sides.  The blade is partially serrated and the edge held up very well to cutting. 

The X-Ray Vision Mini is clearly an excellent choice for law enforcement and tactical individuals.  For more information please visit the website at 





Leapers UTG Special Ops Computer Bag


Leapers Special Ops Computer Bag offers a number of solutions for the travelling.  We have only done a preliminary test of the bag, but the construction and quality are very good.  The compartments are modular and most sectional pieces are all attached to the bag with the entire backing made of Velcro.  Inside the bag we found storage for extra magazines, a universal holster capable of fitting most hand guns (We were able to fit both a Glock 23 and Glock 27 in the holster with no problem). 

There is also a nice section for a laptop which is padded.  We would not recommend taking this bag as a primary means of taking a weeks worth of clothes, but it is certainly a great fit for a days worth of clothes and whole lot of gear.  For more information please visit the company website at




Review of

In our Criminal Justice section of Training you will find a new website    With millions of websites being added to the web every day it can become an arduous task when searching for information.  Many share in their frustration of being re-directed to a useless website, or to a landing on a site which is just trying to sell items. 

Chris Jacobson and his crew have taken a crisp approach to their new website and made it very easy to search for a criminal justice degree programs  The website is a very straight forward site and is granular enough to list universities and colleges by state.   

The website is constantly adding content, so feel free to contact them with a suggestion or university you would like to see added.  For more information visit or click the link below.





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